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 We can develop mobile, desktop and web applications   that can help your organisation to speed up on project tasks that usually take forever to complete, whiles keeping to high quality assurance.

We use appropriate programming and take a participatory approach meeting your business needs regardless of the area of expertise.

We make Android apps for engineering computations and game development. 


We customise GIS and Microsoft programs to    to prepare on-the-fly  . We also carry out data conversion for engineering work done in a variety of formats- for example CAD that need to be converted into ArcGIS formats (Land Surveyors contact us asap!).

About Us

Space InfoTech is a business that specialises in information technology services ranging from programming, geographical Information systems software customisation, through GIS/IT consultancy.


Our services

Clearly, automation leads to greater efficiency in many common tasks. Automating land records using GIS provides the data management tools for efficient maintenance of land records maps and data. Whether it be a parcel split or a more complex subdivision of a large tract into smaller residential lots with new rights-of-way, GIS includes the tools, workflow, error checking, version management, and historic rollback that make mapping and public records tasks quick and easy.

We developed a customised Student Records Information System for KAAF University College to help manage the academic records of over 1000 students at all levels. The software has been designed to suit the diverse modes of the programmes being offered at the private university college.

Our Apps

A list of apps developed by our company are shown below

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Please feel free and get in touch with us anytime. We are willing to help. 

Space Infotech M141/3 Madina Accra, Ghana 0233 242828484

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